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We transfer field-experience to seekers

Our professional team direct their high competence and diverse skills gained during their professional career path to trainees. The prospective achieved professional skills is strenghten by enhacing the field-experience throughout and after the delivered training courses.


Our conducted training is driven by vast hands-on labs to cover the technical aspects to gain higher qualifications algonside the field experience of our instructors. 

We encrease and broaden the accomplished training values by providing after-training support for individuals and organizations as compulsory aspests of training.

It is dedicted to deliver deep knowledge for enterprise networks that cover routing, switching, wireless networks which is cover multivendor environment. It aim to enable engaged candidates get the sillks needed for implementing and desinging small to large enterprise networks.

Modern data center is driven by virtual ennvironment and hyperconverge technologies. The training desgined to transfer field experience with best-practice approach for desinging implementing and operating the data center alongside the diverse serivces needed to be arranged.

Comprehensive and integrated security solutions become focal point for variuos sizes of data network. As the threats are spreading and evovling, this imply construct highly qulaified team acquire updated knowldge about security systems.

Enterprise Network
Data Center and Virtualization

Enterprise neworks become converged carrying different kinds of blend data, voice and video services and applications. Collaboration courses are entitiled to deilver the comprehensive understanding about voice and video over IP technologies and related applications.


The training courses focus on management aspect if IT systems alogned with technical part in order to improve the services delivery and maintain business continuity. IT and security management are arrayed in various domains.

IT and Security Management

Cyber securtity are essential for oragnizations to protect data and IT systems by preventing cyber attacks and establish rigid and effective incident response palns. Courses desgined to deliver the deep knowledge about knowledge, standards and tools.

Cyber Security

Digital business and architectures rely on software defined networks and consequently programming skills becoming essential to network admins. DevNet training demontrates the skills and knowledge that extend the Automation and virtualization across all network domains and moving management moving from CLI to API

Classroom Training

Online Training

Onsite Training